fledge.io joins Kinetic Edge Alliance

In the last decade, cloud computing brought about a paradigm shift in how enterprises consumed IT and delivered applications. Increased cloud adoption has been one of the corner stones of Enterprise digital transformation.

Applications of the future are increasingly becoming geographically distributed, deployed at the edge, closer to end-users. Emerging use cases in autonomous vehicles, multi-site gaming, digital healthcare and telemedicine, real-time security and customer experience in retail etc. require data processing and decision making closer to the edge.

Market research firms estimate 75% of enterprise data will be created and processed at the edge by 2025. Micro datacenter market is estimated to be $14.5B by 2025. The edge computing market is expected to grow at 35%+ CAGR.

A confluence of technologies and companies building edge hardware,  data centers, networks, software infrastructure and applications over the next few  years will help accelerate edge computing and re-imagine application delivery. 

The Kinetic Edge Alliance (KEA) initiative driven by Vapor IO is an important industry working group that brings together companies building edge computing technologies with end users and customers.

KEA is creating a platform for the member companies to collaborate and develop reference architectures and joint solutions that will help accelerate edge computing.

fledge.io is excited to become a member of Kinetic Edge Alliance.

Through this partnership, fledge.io will collaborate with KEA members towards advancing the goals of Kinetic Edge Alliance and accelerating edge computing adoption.

Keep watching this space for more updates in the future.

About Vapor IO

Vapor IO is developing the largest nationwide edge networking, colocation and  exchange platform at the edge of the wireless and wireline networks. Serving the  world’s largest carriers, operators, cloud providers, web-scale companies and  other innovative enterprises, the company’s Kinetic Edge® platform combines  multi-tenant colocation with software-defined interconnection and high-speed  networking. The Kinetic Edge platform offers the most flexible, highly-distributed  infrastructure for delivering modern, low-latency applications, and the company  has deployed its Kinetic Edge in Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, and Pittsburgh,  furthering its goal to deploy over 100 data centers in 36 U.S. markets over the next two years. 

About fledge.io

fledge.io makes it simpler to define, deploy and manage geo-distributed applications that span multi-cloud and edge environments. fledge.io provides a public cloud –like experience for dev + ops to build such distributed applications by abstracting complexity and providing turnkey solution. fledge.io will help customers reduce the time and effort required to manage their distributed application infrastructure. fledge.io simplifies both Day 0 and on-going operations.

Pramodh Mallipatna
Founder and CEO fledge.io

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