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The application footprint is increasingly becoming geo-distributed. Customers now want push the applications closer to end users, clouds or other datacenters for security & compliance (GDPR), better end user experience (latency) or to reduce costs.

The nearest public cloud location may not always meet the necessary criteria. The datacenter providers have a global footprint and might be able to offer the required optimal locations for customers with micro datacenter footprints.

However, it’s not easy for customers to extend applications from the cloud to the datacenter (micro datacenter) locations and the customer engineering and ops teams often spend significant time to manage application infrastructure.

With turnkey application orchestration, built-in service mesh, telemetry and real-time visibility, offers a complete public cloud-like experience and a single pane of glass view for the entire application infrastructure that spans diverse clouds, datacenters and edge locations.

I am happy to share integration now works on Equinix MetalTM, letting you deploy applications using on any of Equinix’s bare metal server configurations.

Customers can now leverage Metal locations of their choice to expand their application footprint quickly. with Equinix Metal makes it easier for customers to extend their applications from any cloud/datacenter to Equinix Metal.

Here’s a quote from Josh Krammes who leads Strategic Partnerships and Startup engagement for Equinix Metal

“With Hybrid cloud becoming more of the standard for complex infrastructures rather than the exception, the simplicity of’s solution was impressive. We liked what we learned and we are definitely looking forward to big things from”

Josh Krammes, Strategic Partnerships and Startup engagement, Equinix Metal

Application Developers and DevOps can save significant time and effort spent on their application infrastructure management on an on-going basis.  In addition, they can also leverage fledge eBPF capabilities on Metal to gather high performance, rich application specific information in real-time.

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Pramodh Mallipatna
Founder and CEO

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