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Why fledge.io?

Evolving multi-cloud and edge applications

Applications of the future are increasingly becoming geographically distributed, deployed closer to end-users and data sources. Latency bounds for real-time user experience, GDPR compliance, the need to prune network data transfer, real-time analytics and inferencing closer to data sources are some reasons to distribute the applications.

The application characteristics and requirements exhibit heterogeneity. Deployment choices range from bare metal to virtual machines, standalone containers to multi-kubernetes clusters and across multiple clouds to datacenters to small edge footprints.

The complexity

While there are a plethora of tools and technologies for orchestration, monitoring, connectivity, security etc., most of them work at the microservice level. However, applications include not just one but multiple microservices that need to interact with each other to meet the required business logic and SLAs. So it not only becomes a complex technology integration exercise, but the dev+ops teams need to write additional logic to cohesively manage multiple microservices.

Managing such geo-distributed application infrastructure can be complex. Organizations need teams with breadth of skillset ranging from physical infrastructure (compute, storage, networking), application choices (microservices, orchestration, service-mesh…), security, cloud etc. to make this work at scale in production.

fledge.io solution

fledge.io makes it simpler to define, deploy and manage geo-distributed applications that span multi-cloud and edge environments. fledge.io provides a public cloud –like experience for dev + ops to build such distributed applications by abstracting complexity and providing turnkey solution.
fledge.io will help customers reduce the time and effort required to manage their distributed application infrastructure. fledge.io simplifies both Day 0 and on-going operations.

fledge.io features

fledge.io makes it simpler to define and deploy applications as collection of microservices (docker containers or kubernetes controllers) that can span across hybrid-cloud, multi-cloud and edge environments and communicate with each other transparently and securely within the application boundary.

Resilient application orchestration

Compose and deploy your applications anywhere either as standalone Docker containers (without Kubernetes) or across multiple Kubernetes clusters. The standalone Docker deployment scenario is supported for customers who may want to deploy standalone containers due to smaller compute footprints, and fledge.io will provide the resiliency for such deployments no matter where it is deployed.

Fledge AppMesh (App SD-WAN)

Secure, transparent application service mesh connectivity across WAN. A policy-based, app-specific service mesh gets auto-provisioned transparently to the application microservices at the time of deployment and dynamically re-configures itself with the movement of microservices. This service mesh works across WAN, across cloud and edge environments and across standalone Docker deployments and multi-cluster Kubernetes environments – this is akin to having a per-app SD-WAN.

Fledge Telemetry

Smart telemetry based data collection infrastructure. Built-in data collection infrastructure helps applications collect, consume and stream any data (application data, sensor data, performance metrics etc.) securely anywhere within the application boundary. This enables customers to build applications that may need to perform local analytics, decision making or store data for compliance purposes etc. and backhaul all or selective data to the central cloud based on policies.

Realtime Application Visibility

Rich visibility of application placement, connectivity, health and application data through the fledge.io telemetry infrastructure – available for visualization and as events and alerts for applications to consume to meet the desired business logic and SLAs.

Application lifecycle management

Canary style upgrades of microservices and policy-based migration of microservices across geographic locations and across Kubernetes clusters are supported. fledge.io will help customers reduce the time and effort required to manage their distributed application infrastructure. fledge.io simplifies both Day 0 and on-going operations.

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