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Kafka cloud to edge on Cloud

In the last couple of blogs, I had talked about key data infrastructure enhancements to Cloud. These enhancements are intended to help with the following

  1. Enable geo-distributed applications to easily and securely share the data among microservices
  2. Offer tools visualize the data for analysis purposes
  3. Enable stateful migration of microservices across locations and providers

This is the next product enhancement announcement in the context of data infrastructure.

Kafka across cloud and edge Cloud now supports Kafka service across cloud, datacenter and edge. Customers do not need to worry about managing a pub-sub infrastructure. Their applications can just publish and subscribe to the topics to exchange messages securely across geo-distributed providers and locations.

Here are the highlights

  • The service is automatically available on any managed node, in any cloud, datacenter or edge
  • Just create the topic, publish and subscribe anywhere across the application span
  • All the data streamed on the wire is encrypted as it happens over App SDWAN
  • Customers could use their own Kafka client libraries or use provided Kafka client libraries that provides additional encryption
  • The implementation is multi tenant capable

Applications that already use Kafka should be able to run seamlessly on Cloud, without the need to manage the pub-sub infrastructure. New applications that need to use a Pub-Sub infrastructure can get started very easily.

Pub-Sub infrastructure across cloud, datacenter, edge

With Plug and Play Telemetry, Blockchain based file sharing and Kafka based Pub-Sub infrastructure, a built-in data fabric enables applications to stream and share any kinds of data securely across cloud, datacenter and edge and also provides rich automated visualizations. It enables customers to do stateful deployments and migrations of applications across providers and locations.

All these services are provided in a very transparent way i.e. applications only need to focus on the data they need and not about managing the infrastructure.

We also understand some customers might prefer to use their own tools for data management. They will be able to run any of their preferred tools in a Cloud and use them for their data management.

Customers can choose to leverage any specific or all of the features provided by data fabric as they see fit for their environments. Ultimately, the goal of is to reduce complexity, time and effort for customers, while enabling them to customize their application infrastructure.

Reach out to us at to see a demo.

Pramodh Mallipatna
Founder and CEO

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